“Detroit Ruin Porn Fart Quake”

Grant-A-Wish – Fart Porn – Video Clip,

Den of nefarious activities, investigative journalism, and detroit ruin quake.

When a person opens there ass and farts into another persons face.

Detriot’s Blight Removal, bad news for fans of ruin porn.

After the earthquake, Sean Penn brought holy icons, dazed dog for surgical fire.

My new favorite porn star in Ex’s Hot Car Murder Trial.

……, So when you smell your farts, do you go straight into you hand or do you…

I wouldn’t sit there and pretend to know everything about Detroit.

In short, ruin porn hides more than it shows.

The Earthworm’s Lament: An Ode to Flipper

Sludge they dub it, a slothy

shit-sea oozing past

benumbed witnesses, CCTV

eyes with hours of unwatched

footage. But it’s cyberstalker

malaria writ large, nodded out

nothingness surprised at its

plenitude, phantom genitals

hovering over arcane mechanics’

manuals, tattered colons tattooed

with scripts for radio-plays meant

to entertain war-tired civilians

except no one understands

the tongue.

John Wayne was a Nazi- Tribute to M.D.C.

He haunts your insomniac TV viewings like All in the Family reruns and ads for Japanese knife sets and phone sex. In the TV glare, he’s always there. That hitleering, swasticky cowboy in his 10-gallon hat, ever-ready to up the vigil/ante justice. You don’t want to drive him out of town by sundown, you want to push him into the Pacific Ocean so he can playact Manifest Destiny with the fishes. Listening to the whiskey in your head, you wonder, “If I shoot the TV screen, will I make him bleed?”