La historia de eskoria

La historia de eskoria


For los frikis, those Cuban punks who voluntarily injected themselves with HIV.


I’m a scumfuck. My rage keeps breathless time.

My blood is a weapon. Death is a door.

Doctors tell me there’s a parasite in my brain.

I tell them it’s my pet, that I’m nursing it,

that I’m finally performing a social good.

I’m a scumfuck. Bones needle out my skin.

I clutch Christ in my left hand and Cobain in my right.

When I die, drink shots of chispa ‘e tren off my chest.

For a eulogy, just scream and only scream.

Words are a poison fit only for



For more information about los frikis and the Cuban self-injecting movement, please consult the following:

Radiolab and Radio Ambulante’s collaboration:

Radio Ambulante’s friki playlist:

Luis Trelles’s podcast & photographs from a Cuban sanitarium:



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